The Issues

Problems That Need Solving

The Process of identifying the issues False Creek is suffering from, is an ongoing process. In collaboration with scientists and the local community are we step by step unraveling the causes that has lead to the current state of False Creek.

Water Quality

The leachate from old industrial landfill & marine dumping, untreated day water, overflowing sewage pipes, illegal dumping from squatting boats, and filth from an uncontrolled geese population are all contributing to the current dangerously bad water quality of False Creek.

Tidal Zone

The destruction of the tidal zone has lead to a barren wasteland, susceptible to heat, pollutants, and disturbances. Squatting boats regularly grounding on the shorelines, invasive geese disturbing the seabed, and lack of appropriate habitats all contribute to the problem.


Lack of trashbins, unenforced littering laws, lack of clean up crews, illegal dumping, geese feeding activities, unfiltered day water and drug paraphernalia are all contributing to making the shorelines of False Creek unattractive, unhospitable and in many cases dangerous for human and animal life.

Issues Identified

Projects Launched

People Unified



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